Q: Is it dangerous to stand on Sadhu board nails?
A: No, if you will follow safety rules:
  • - Choose a flat and stable surface for standing on nails sadhu board.
  • - Place a soft cloth or yoga mat under sadhu board to avoid slipping and damaging the boards.
  • - Move smoothly and slowly during practice nails standing.
  • - For the first few times, use support to stand on and off the nails.
  • - Distribute the weight evenly.
  • - Do not jump on nails.
  • - Keep Sadhu board out of the reach of children.
  • - Follow all safety rules for handling sharp objects 
Q: Do you offer global shipping for Sadhu Boards?
Absolutely! We provide FREE international shipping for our Sadhu Boards to customers everywhere.

Q: Can I buy Sadhu Board in US on marketplaces? 
A:Yes, Oh! Sadhu Board you can buy on Amazon.com and Ebay.com. Also you can buy Sadhu Board Oh! Sadhu on Amazon.ae, Amazon.mx, Brave.ua
Q: Are there any contraindications for using the Sadhu Board?
A: It's advised to avoid Sadhu board nail standing if you have:
  • Pregnancy
  • Oncological diseases
  • Fever
  • Epilepsy
  • Hypertension
  • Heart issues
  • Open foot wounds

Q: Which nail spacing is recommended for Sadhu board beginners?
A: For those starting, a Sadhu board with 0.39 inches (10mm) spacing is ideal. If you're sensitive to pain, consider 0.32in (8mm), but you might quickly adapt and prefer the 10mm. Seasoned users also prefer the 0.39 inches spacing.

Q: Can I get a custom-designed Sadhu Board?
A: Absolutely! As the manufacturers, we offer customization in shape, color, engraving, nail spacing, and materials. Design a Sadhu Board that resonates with you.

Q: How frequently should I use the Sadhu Board?
A: It's up to your meditation needs and preferences. Some users stand on their Sadhu Board once a week, while others make it a daily practice.

Q: How to stand on Sadhu board at first time? 
A: We wrote the short article about first step on Sadhu board in our blog.