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Oh! Sadhu

Sadhu board with copper and galvanized nails, step 8mm, Mix Copper

Sadhu board with copper and galvanized nails, step 8mm, Mix Copper

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Sadhu board with copper and galvanized nails is made from 100% natural oak, providing exceptional strength and durability. It retains the natural color of the wood and is coated with oil wax for added protection and to preserve its natural appearance.

Advantages of Sadhu Board:

Aesthetic Appeal: Sadhu board impresses with its simplicity and natural beauty, enhancing meditation and inner peace.

Unique Design: Each board features a unique natural wood grain pattern, making every piece distinct and attractive.

Health Benefits: Using Sadhu board stimulates acupuncture points on the feet, improving blood circulation, relieving tension, and reducing body stress.

Mixed Nails: Sadhu board with copper nails and galvanized nails offers a unique approach to stimulating points on the feet. Copper nails enhance the body's energy flow due to their natural properties. Using copper nails also helps reduce inflammation and improve overall health.

Natural Material: Sadhu board is made from natural oak, ensuring eco-friendliness and pleasant tactile sensations during use.

Sadhu Board Specifications:

  • Galvanized and copper nails are arranged in the form of the Flower of Life, a symbol of spiritual development, metamorphosis, and awakening consciousness.
  • Nail spacing is 8 mm. Sadhu board with an 8 mm nail spacing is ideal for beginners with a low pain threshold, allowing them to gradually adapt to this practice.
  • Handcrafted: Producing a pair of Sadhu boards takes 3 to 5 days of meticulous work. Each pair contains about 800 calibrated and hand-inserted nails.
  • Eco materials: natural oak, galvanized and copper nails, oil wax.
  • Size: 32 cm x 14 cm x 3.5 cm.
  • Nail size: 29 cm x 12 cm (fits up to size 45 feet).
  • Weight: 2.1 kg.

Sadhu Board Package Includes:

  • 2 Sadhu boards
  • Gift box
  • Storage pouch
  • Instruction manual
  • Incense sticks

We are manufacturers, so we can offer custom sizes, shapes, or engravings on Sadhu boards. Choose Sadhu board with copper nails for your spiritual development and physical well-being!


100% Natural Oak wood, galvanized steel nails, Oil Wax

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Care Instructions

For long-term use, keep Sadhu boards away from liquids, humidity and direct
sunlight. Keep Oh! Sadhu boards in cover to protect them from dust and dirt. To disinfect
nails, use a cloth soaked in alcohol. Dust between the nails can be removed with a

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Women's feet stands on Sadhu Board

Sadhu Board is for everyone

In today's fast-paced world, finding solace and managing stress is of utmost importance. The Sadhu Board offers a gateway to tranquility by enabling you to connect with your body and alleviate nervous stress and fatigue. Sadhu Board helps you focus your mind, allowing you to let go of worries and anxieties.
Unlock the potential within you as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. By practicing Sadhu Board nails standing, you gain a unique perspective on your fears and learn how to work with them, ultimately conquering the limitations they impose.
Let Sadhu Board be your companion as you embrace the path to self-mastery and inner peace.

  • Man feeling happy after standing on Oh! Sadhu board nails

    We hope that you will love our Sadhu boards as much as we are!

    Each Sadhu Board Oh! Sadhu is meticulously crafted from high-quality, natural wood, ensuring a unique and sustainable.

    One of the features of our boards is the arrangement of nails in the shape of the Flower of Life. This ancient symbol, consisting of overlapping circles, holds deep spiritual significance and is believed to represent the interconnectedness of all living beings. By using the Flower of Life into our design, we aim to infuse each Sadhu Board with positive energy and harmonious vibrations.

    To uphold to sustainability, we exclusively use eco-friendly materials throughout the crafting process. The natural wood we select not only adds an exquisite touch but also promotes environmental responsibility. By opting for sustainable sources, we ensure the longevity of our boards while minimizing our ecological footprint.

    Experience the magic of Sadhu Board Oh!Sadhu — a masterpiece of craftsmanship that connects you with nature, sacred geometry, and sustainable living. Join us in creating a harmonious balance between ancient wisdom and modern consciousness.