About Us

Namaste, dear friend!

We are in love with yoga, meditation, and standing on Sadhu board nails. We are perfectionists.
First boards with nails Oh! Sadhu We have created for our own practice, and in 2022 we will create Sadhu boards called Oh! Sadhu for the whole world.

Why Oh! Sadhu?

Causing our perfectionism Oh! Sadhu boards are perfect! The quality of the boards is striking in the heart. It's ideal for meditation on nails.

What are our advantages?

  • Natural quality wood is finished with eco oils: "Our oak is pure oak, not plywood".
  • Calibration of nails takes a lot of time, to keep your practice of nails standing are safety.
  • The speed of delivery, the quality of packaging, and clients' satisfaction are our KPIs (efficiency indicators).

We have chosen solid wood, natural finishing, and other natural materials for the production of our Sadhu Board because Nature is matter.