What are the benefits of sadhu board therapy?

What are the benefits of sadhu board therapy?

In the diverse world of spiritual and physical practices, nail standing is a symbol of discipline, mental strength and inner harmony. This ancient tradition is becoming more and more popular among modern yogis of various levels and ordinary people who are interested in self-development and non-traditional medicine.

What, this mystical instrument is Sadhu board nails?

The first association with a Sadhu board studded with nails is pain and discomfort, followed by memories of Indian yogis who sleep on nails and walk on broken glass. Their mysterious smile and relaxed look during the practice, inspire ordinary people to “test” nail standing. 


Amazing benefits of practicing Sadhu board nails standing:

Stimulation of reflex points: Simulating the principles of acupuncture, the nails stimulate the reflex points on the feet. The positive effect of this stimulation is understandable to everyone.

Improved blood circulation: The pressure created by the nails stimulates blood flow and affects tissue healing and oxygen saturation.

Relaxation and peace of mind: After the initial discomfort comes relaxation. This is due to the release of endorphins — natural pain relievers of the body.

Mind discipline: Using a Sadhu board is a challenge not so much for the body, but for the mind. Regular practice promotes the development of stamina, concentration and determination.

Detox: The practice of nail standing promotes detoxification, improving blood circulation and removing toxins from the body.

Stress relief: Regular practice of nail standing helps in relieving pain in the spine, and reducing muscle tension throughout the body.

Deeper sleep: All those who have taken the habit of standing on nails, note an improvement in the quality of sleep.

In-depth meditation: For those who have embarked on the path of spiritual development, sadhu nails standing can become a catalyst for this process, deepen meditation.

Increased Energy: The release of endorphins and improved blood circulation are combined to give a boost of energy better than a cup of coffee.

Strengthening the immune system: “Small” stress for the body, while practicing nail standing can help to strengthen the immunity system. It's like hardening, but without the feeling of cold and ants on the body.



Sadhu board is a vehicle, and the process of nail standing is a journey from the past to the “here and now”, from anxiety to peace, from the material to the spiritual world, from physical discomfort to the harmonious development of the body.

Approach to practice with an open mind and caution, listen to the advice of experienced practitioners and your body. It is then, nails standing will become your unique experience of self-understanding, self-improvement and will open up for you unknown before horizons.

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