10 essential reasons to stand on Sadhu board nails

10 essential reasons to stand on Sadhu board nails

Ancient tradition of yogis to stand on nails again captured the world. 

People who stand on Sadhu board are moving in increasingly dynamic ways: they are already distinct communities that share experiences, establish objectives, and practice nail standing together. 

Perhaps, over time, achievements in standing on Sadhu board will enter the record book, and later the championship will appear.


We decided to share our personal experience of change and the positive impact of this powerful practice. In this article, we have highlighted 10 benefits of standing on Sadhu nails board at least once:

    1. New Feelings: Nails standing is a 100% new feeling, even if you practice every day. Perceiving pain is a real shock for the body and mind. And you don't need an extreme speed car to get a dose of adrenaline.
    2. Self-examination of physical and psychological boundaries and endurance. This will definitely affect the understanding of your own capabilities and growth points. You can see yourself without ornaments and illusions. Ready for this? 
    3. Spiritual development: Using pain as a tool to reach a higher state of consciousness. This is the principle of asceticism used by ancient yogis and now it is accessible to everyone. Oh! Sadhu guarantee the highest quality of this tool.
    4. Meditation: Focusing on pain can help achieve a deep meditative state. Letting go of unnecessary thoughts in order to feel yourself - no one will agree to anything less.
    5. Self-training: relieve pain, react calmly even in the most difficult situations, learn to regulate emotions better. Agree, it is better to gain this experience consciously.
    6. Acupuncture effect. It is believed that nail needles stimulate certain points on the feet, which has a therapeutic effect similar to acupuncture.
    7. Social Belonging: Participate in a ritual or community tradition, follow the trend to feel part of something bigger. This isn't just another iPhone15; Sadhu board is much cheaper. 
    8. Challenge Yourself: Set high goals and achieve them, train willpower and courage.
    9. Body relaxation. Yes, standing on nails gives complete relaxation of the body during practice. With regular Sadhu board practice, muscle cramps can be eliminated forever.
    10. To reconnect with your own body, with your nature. A deep immersion in bodily sensations allows us to feel our individual nature, recognize the true needs of the body, and satisfy them.

If you're still reading this text, then we probably managed to convince you to try Sadhu board practice at least once - with support or in socks. By the link you can buy Sadhu Board, and that's almost the first step to the practice itself.

Everyone can have their own personal experience with nails standing and form their own opinion on this trend.

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