Girls first foot step on Sadhu board nails

How to stand on Sadhu board at first time

Recommendations for beginners.

Atmosphere: Prepare a place to practice meditation on the Sadhu nails: lay out a yoga mat, light candles and aroma sticks, turn on relaxing music.

Lead up: Stand in front of the Sadhu boards and visualize yourself standing on them. Answer the question "What do I expect from practice today?" Create a request for Sadhu board practice. Take a few deep breaths before stepping onto the nail board and diving into the practice.

Standing on nails: With help or on your own, stand first on the Sadhu board with one foot, shift your balance to that foot, then to the other. Return the balance to the leg standing on the board, and with an exhalation, transfer the other leg to the Sadhu board, evenly distributing the balance between the legs. Make sure that you feel the nails evenly throughout the foot. In any case do not change the position of your legs on the board during practice - this will restore the initial pain and you will come down even faster.

Practice: Concentrate on breathing, stretch your head upward. Observe your condition, the atmosphere around you, concentrate on the expected positive effect from the practice of standing nails.

Duration of practice: For the first time, try to hold on for at least 1 minute. Try to increase the practice time by at least 30 seconds each time. If it is very difficult for you to be barefoot, wear thin cotton socks. When you can stand for 5 minutes, the pain will subside and you will be able to stand for much longer.

End of Practice: With an exhalation, step off the Sadhu board with or without support. Feel your feet on the surface of the floor. Feel your body. Thank him and the universe for this practice, for the opportunity to practice nail-standing. Watch the changes. Enjoy yourself.

Contraindications for the practice of Sadhu board standing:

  • pregnancy,
  • oncological diseases,
  • elevated temperature,
  • epilepsy,
  • hypertension,
  • heart problems
  • open wounds on the feet.
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